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I had to post this beautiful arrangement of  delicate blankets, soft linens and rosey pink jewelry boxes that I found from these two awesome blogs – Oh Happy day! The Brass Petal. This photograph is from a book called Etcetera by Sibella Court, an interior stylist who lives in Australia.

You can also check out Sibella Court’s “down under” store – The Society Inc.

My attempt at British accents often turn Australian faster than I realize,



Just got home from a great evening: Wyldlife and then girl time with Kristen & Katy. It’s about 1:45 in the morning so it’s naturally a good time to blog…..correct?

Well I recently discovered this blog during some invitation researching earlier this week. I originally found his post about his top 45 favorite wedding invitations and coincidentally found an old friend’s wedding invite included in his list. It’s the brown and gold invitation that says “Emily Kay Hoffman and Joseph...” on it. This blog is pretty interesting with a wide array of images included on his site. Here are a few that caught my eye from his “Daily Inspiration #85” post.

I enjoy the design of this poster.

Pretty sure I have a picture that was laid out somewhat similar to this of a dinner I made for Jon before we got married (naturally there wasn’t a business card included). I love the color, texture, and organization of this photo.

I couldn’t resist posting this odd image. The details of the feathers, the lighting, and the rock star chicken’s expression is altogether really intriguing to me. Forgive me if you’re not captivated the same way I am. Maybe if I look deep down inside I can relate to this male rock star chicken somehow? Yeah….I didn’t think so either.

Check F5’s blog if you have a chance and let me know if you find anything interesting.

I’m so not a morning person,


one of my closest friends got engaged just over a week ago and i couldn’t be more excited for her and the future hubby. i can’t take too much credit, but i did help this pair get together and it has been so neat watching the Lord work through their relationship as they’ve grown closer and more in love with one another. here are pictures from tepi and joey’s engagement party!

katy, tepi, & me! almost the whole road trip team…

and the happy couple!

there are too many great things i can say about these two so i’ll sum up their relationship from my eyes in a few words:

Christ seeking, servant hearts, intentional, funny, genuine, in love, worthy of being given shots (inside joke….b/w me & tepi…not joey…ha)

with great joy: viv

VLD (can i call it that for short? assuming most of you ((all 3 of you!)) understand what i’m referring to) had a nice little photography session on sunday afternoon to update the site on some of the latest creations.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Vivien Ly Designs, it’s a little invitation business that my husband and I do on the side. It’s fun to look at fine art, graphic design, fashion and home decor as inspirations for paper goods. In addition to invites, I also loooooove photography! Here are some of our latest designs:

I’m so proud to announce VLD’s first wedding invitation with RSVP card! I was excited……but probably a lot more nervous about working on this project. I did this for an adorable couple who is having a destination wedding in Florida. Jon and I are friends with the bride’s mom and I was overjoyed to get to know Shelbi. She’s just as sweet as her mom Gail! Shelbi & Dustin wanted a casual wedding invitation with some modern, clean touches.I created a couple of original designs for them and actually sent them this final invitation design a few days before I was supposed to meet them in person with a hard copy to view. Thankfully, they loved it and I’m happy to call it my first wed invite.

Here’s VLD’s first official wedding program! Printed on this beautiful cream iridescent paper by Stardream for the cover and a matte cream paper on the inside. I made a program very similar to this one as a wedding gift for a friend who got married in November and another friend liked it so much she hired me to create for her own wedding.

This invite is on top of some of my B&W photography prints from college!

I loved the way these photos came out showing the grain of the wooden frame.

Happy Friday friends!


Naturally, everyone is aware of the earthquake in Haiti. If you’d like to read a few blogs on the current situation through the eyes of people who live there or are planning a mission trip there please feel free to visit, read, pray, and possibly donate to these sites.

This is a blog that our pastor is following:

The following two sites are from a college friend who has been planning a mission trip to Haiti since before the disaster.

This following site is a friend of a friend so Jon and I don’t know her directly, but she and her husband (newlywed!) recently moved to Port-au-Prince on DECEMBER 29th, 2009.

Here is part of their inspiring bio:


We are moving to Haiti! After today we’ve shared our news with both employers, so at long last we’re  ready to share with everyone!

So here’s the story – Ben and I are moving to Port-au-Prince, Haiti on December 29, 2009.

Jesus said, “God’s spirit is on me; he’s chosen me to preach the Message of good news to the poor,
Sent me to announce pardon to prisoners and recovery of sight to the blind,
To set the burdened and battered free, To announce, ‘This is God’s year to act’.”
– Luke 4

Jesus said these words in his hometown to announce the beginning of his ministry. It’s become our theme verse too as we prepare for Haiti. As Jesus-followers, we just want to imitate Him. Love like He loved. Meet needs like He did. We’ve been hearing a specific call to serve overseas for some months and have been praying about it ever since.

I’ll make this brief: My husband is in Georgia for a class he has to take.  Admittedly, I’m slightly on the pathetic side of missing him like crazy.

Tonight, despite the fact that I teach in the morning and despite the fact that he has class at 7am…we just texted and talked and sent goofy pictures and talked some more when we should’ve been in bed.

All this to say….I just love him so much and  I praise God for giving me a husband and best friend that I simply don’t deserve.

Come home to me boo!

joyful: viv

I’ve had a pretty good week and can hardly believe it’s Friday. Yay for weekends. ^_^

So, I’ve been trying lately to get to the heart of Etsy to find cool shops and quality products. Why I didn’t utilize this site for my wedding is a mystery to me….it’s most likely due to not really fully knowing! I’ve been searching mainly for awesome invitation designers and secondly for cool jewelry, artwork, and whatever perks my interests, but I came across this and I thought it would make a nice post for my blog!

Let me introduce to you these mod beds for…..CATS!

I think it’s neat that people with really innovative ideas for all facets of your life (or your pet’s life ) can offer products that are not normally found or seen. Here’s the seller’s full collection to get an idea of what kind of vintage fabrics she uses. I think it’s really interesting how well posed these cats are!

Now I’m not sure I would purchase this because of two reasons: 1)Jon and I don’t intend to ever own a cat and 2)The price is not right for us.

But I will say that I understand part of the allure of these beds because from a home decor aspect it could be a pretty snazzy accessory unlike those  eye sores they call pet beds at PetSmart.

meee………….OWWWWWW:  viv

Did I mention that I lo-ooooove weddings? My wedding is a year and a half behind me, but I can’t help but enjoy the big white dresses, colors, details and the emotion of the entire event. It really is beautiful. It costs way too much money, but still…..beautiful.

I found this exquisite barn wedding first going through delightful blogs, then clicking on “design: decor: style,” and then selecting cup of jo, which finally brought me to this wedding. It was a pretty round about process, I know.

I’ve been obsessed with the incredible photography, the color scheme and fullness of the flowers, the bride’s dress, the RAIN, the bridal party’s boots, and the barn location since I discovered it a couple of hours ago so I naturally need to blog about it to share all of its bucolic charm.


you’re welcome.

with joy: viv

okay…..i admit it…..this may be my 5th or 6th attempt in my life to start a blog. i can’t seem to commit to a blog because

1)i’m indecisive

2)i’m not good with computers and

3)i don’t have the patience to blog the way i’d really like to blog

how would i like my blog to look? here are a few of my favorite bloggers that i’ll be using as my inspirations:

i admire this designer so much!

this blog is a life saver especially for a first year art teacher like me:

i love this girl’s blog and etsy shop! i feel like our interests, and designs are on a similar wavelength, but she’s obviously a lot further along than me in the invitation department.

and visit her etsy shop:

since getting married, i’ve fallen in love with decorating!

Design Sponge is one of multiple awesome decorating sites.

i lo-ooooooove photography blogs. this blog is particularly addicting. check out this talented photographer in Lubbock, TX at

posting this blog has been more involved than i expected and has taken me about an hour and a half (ridiculous i know!). maybe one day i can be a blog expert like the bloggers i’ve posted, but until then visit for updates, recipes, photos and stories.

with joy: viv

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