I’ve had a pretty good week and can hardly believe it’s Friday. Yay for weekends. ^_^

So, I’ve been trying lately to get to the heart of Etsy to find cool shops and quality products. Why I didn’t utilize this site for my wedding is a mystery to me….it’s most likely due to not really fully knowing! I’ve been searching mainly for awesome invitation designers and secondly for cool jewelry, artwork, and whatever perks my interests, but I came across this and I thought it would make a nice post for my blog!

Let me introduce to you these mod beds for…..CATS!

I think it’s neat that people with really innovative ideas for all facets of your life (or your pet’s life ) can offer products that are not normally found or seen. Here’s the seller’s full collection to get an idea of what kind of vintage fabrics she uses. I think it’s really interesting how well posed these cats are!

Now I’m not sure I would purchase this because of two reasons: 1)Jon and I don’t intend to ever own a cat and 2)The price is not right for us.

But I will say that I understand part of the allure of these beds because from a home decor aspect it could be a pretty snazzy accessory unlike those  eye sores they call pet beds at PetSmart.

meee………….OWWWWWW:  viv