VLD (can i call it that for short? assuming most of you ((all 3 of you!)) understand what i’m referring to) had a nice little photography session on sunday afternoon to update the site on some of the latest creations.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Vivien Ly Designs, it’s a little invitation business that my husband and I do on the side. It’s fun to look at fine art, graphic design, fashion and home decor as inspirations for paper goods. In addition to invites, I also loooooove photography! Here are some of our latest designs:

I’m so proud to announce VLD’s first wedding invitation with RSVP card! I was excited……but probably a lot more nervous about working on this project. I did this for an adorable couple who is having a destination wedding in Florida. Jon and I are friends with the bride’s mom and I was overjoyed to get to know Shelbi. She’s just as sweet as her mom Gail! Shelbi & Dustin wanted a casual wedding invitation with some modern, clean touches.I created a couple of original designs for them and actually sent them this final invitation design a few days before I was supposed to meet them in person with a hard copy to view. Thankfully, they loved it and I’m happy to call it my first wed invite.

Here’s VLD’s first official wedding program! Printed on this beautiful cream iridescent paper by Stardream for the cover and a matte cream paper on the inside. I made a program very similar to this one as a wedding gift for a friend who got married in November and another friend liked it so much she hired me to create for her own wedding.

This invite is on top of some of my B&W photography prints from college!

I loved the way these photos came out showing the grain of the wooden frame.

Happy Friday friends!