Just got home from a great evening: Wyldlife and then girl time with Kristen & Katy. It’s about 1:45 in the morning so it’s naturally a good time to blog…..correct?

Well I recently discovered this blog during some invitation researching earlier this week. I originally found his post about his top 45 favorite wedding invitations and coincidentally found an old friend’s wedding invite included in his list. It’s the brown and gold invitation that says “Emily Kay Hoffman and Joseph...” on it. This blog is pretty interesting with a wide array of images included on his site. Here are a few that caught my eye from his “Daily Inspiration #85” post.

I enjoy the design of this poster.

Pretty sure I have a picture that was laid out somewhat similar to this of a dinner I made for Jon before we got married (naturally there wasn’t a business card included). I love the color, texture, and organization of this photo.

I couldn’t resist posting this odd image. The details of the feathers, the lighting, and the rock star chicken’s expression is altogether really intriguing to me. Forgive me if you’re not captivated the same way I am. Maybe if I look deep down inside I can relate to this male rock star chicken somehow? Yeah….I didn’t think so either.

Check F5’s blog if you have a chance and let me know if you find anything interesting.

I’m so not a morning person,