This incredible post from Oh, Hello Friend blog (not to be confused with Oh Joy, and Oh Happy Day’s blogs) inspired me to do a quick V-day photoshop mosaic.

1. Rifle Paper Co.’s Valentine Stationary

2.Scarf with knitted hearts: Find the DIY knitting pattern here

3.Valentine stationary by Girl in Gear Studio

4.Beautiful Valentine Stationary by BenignObjects

5.Valentine Art Project I found online. As an art teacher, I had to include it!

6. La La Love You Card by SparklePower

7.Rifle Paper Co.’s Valentine Stationary

8.Heart Macarons by William-Sonoma

Jon and I don’t even celebrate Valentine’s day, but I thought it’d be a good graphic design challenge to make this V-day collage.
Hope y’all had a good V-day!