Jon and I  N E V E R watch the Oscars, moreover, awards shows in general. But for whatever reason, Jon remembered that it was on this past Sunday night and we were home, so we flipped it on the tele. While I was searching through one random blog to another I came across a particularly interesting one that had “The World’s Most Stylish Bunny.” The site is called Fifi Lapin, the name of the author and bunny, and it features Fifi Lapin, the bunny, in different couture outfits. The site had a post of Fifi’s latest lust list which happened to have a photo of Givenchy’s latest elegant creation.

The weird moment occurred when I found this photograph just as Zoe Saldana was presenting an award on the Oscars in the exact same gown!

WEIRD, huh? I love the intricate ruffles at the bottom and the contrast of the jeweled bodice with the various shades or purple silk.