C&B has some great rugs that are worth checking out.

{top: Briza Rug, middle: Sasha Rug, bottom: Merlot Stripe Rug }

On a side note (still relating to C&B), Jon and I didn’t register for new bedding when we got married because we could NOT find a pattern or color scheme that made us go “ooh” & “ahh.” My generous parents purchased us a new bedding set last year, but our “sweet” Hoosier vomited on it (not joking, but I wish I was). After nearly two years of marriage, I think we’ve found what we’re looking for!

Presenting the Abigail Paisley linens! We have not purchased it yet…but hopefully sometime in the near future. Don’t even get me started on the incredible nightstand in the photograph that I’ve dreamt about since we registered.