Okay, I’m currently sitting here trying to comprehend all the brilliantly artistic typography sites I’ve discovered since my friend, Matt Simo, recommended this SITE to me. I literally have 10 tabs open because after you go to one talented typographer you inevitably discover a trillion more. I’ve probably seen at least 20 images I could easily {and want to desperately} blog about, but because I can’t {and won’t} here are a few good starters.

You can thank me later.

By Friends of Type. Hands down, one of my favorite typography sites. {via Oh Joy!}

The newest font created by Jessica Hische

Handwritten calligraphy written by Patrycja Zywert

Above images by Angela Ficorelli

Not typography, but it deals with print (or screen print?) of some sort. Regardless, I came across this after discovering a slew of typography sites and thought it was so cool that it deserved to be posted. Wouldn’t you agree? I wish I could find more information on this project, but I can’t seem to. Created by Rita.

More to come. For sure.