I can’t get ENOUGH of this video. Introducing The Girls With Glasses Show featuring the lovely Brooke White (musician and top 5 American Idol contestant in 2007) and Summer Bellessa (model and editor of Eliza magazine). They seem like a fantastic duet with a good grasp on fashion while combining humor and intelligence. Their show is described on their website as a good fit for “every woman who likes to be entertained while also being informed and enlightened – it’s the smart girl talk show.”

Below are pics from their promo video which I’m currently {and forever will be} obsessed with. Beneath each pic I’ve written exactly why I love the photograph. Sadly, I could not limit the number of photos in this post very well because the outfits, props and stylings were too wonderful to leave out!

I love…..

1.The Anthro-like numbers that coordinate with the yellow dresses

2.Green shift dresses with complimentary colored yellow balloons

3. The humor and big smiles

4. Classic dresses. Reminds me of what you’d see in Pushing Daisies (a cancelled TV show that had an incredible dress wardrobe)

5. If you know me, you KNOW how much I love blue.

6. Love the cinched waist dresses which is most of the outfits + colorful brooch + two girls wearing glasses inside of a pair of glasses

7. The exciting “conquer the world” feel of the photo

8. Naturally, I leave you with a photograph relating to food. Perfect.

Did you know that I’ve always wanted glasses? Sadly {or not} my eyes are too good to get a pair. I’ve been to the optometrist before in hopes to get the lightest prescription and he wouldn’t write me one. BUT, we got a pair for Jon, who practically has eagle eyes, and he looks oh-so-adorable in them!

{via Oh Happy Day & The Black Eiffel}