Have you seen our after party photographs? Probably not! I think I’ve only shown a handful of friends these pics. If you’re not aware of after party photos, it’s simply a photo shoot that’s taken after the wedding, typically a day or so after in your wedding attire. A “trash the dress” session was also an option, but I refuse to trash my tailor-made wedding dress(inspired by a drawing I made)! Considering the Texas heat and our personalities, we didn’t have this shoot until four months after our wedding. I opted for after party pics over the traditional bridal portraits because I didn’t really want a lot of pictures by myself. We took them at White Rock Lake and it was so funny because passers by thought it was our actual wedding day so we received several sweet “Congrats!” from strangers.

I bought the black sign at Garden Ridge prior to the shoot and it had something cheesy on it so I spray painted it black. I intended to use the sign in our AP pics to Photoshop our wedding date and send thank you postcards with the pic, but last minute I chose a different photo from our wedding day. Isn’t that top photograph awesome? Andrew, one of our photographers, took the opportunity to photograph the sign on the wooden planks of the pier on White Rock Lake.

OUTTAKES PLEASE? Okay, no problem!

Please enjoy this AP outtake! Take two laid back 20 something guy photographers and Jon’s and my super goofy personalities and you’re bound to have some pretty hilarious pics (that you don’t necessarily want to frame for your home but they give you a good laugh).

{all photographs shot by Table4Photography}