So the hubs and I had the privilege of hanging around D.C. for a mini vacation this past weekend. Jon had to take a seminary class in DC so we decided that I would fly in at the end of his course so we could enjoy the city together. Keep visiting the blog for day 2 and 3 photos and for tips on how to save money, what restaurants to visit (or avoid), yummy dessert stops, and adorable places to shop and walk around.

{If you’d like to skip the post and go straight to the photographs, feel free to visit my flickr. }

Jon had flowers for me when I arrived to the airport! But considering we were in a place where I couldn’t put them in a vase, we decided to gift them to our hosts, Chris and Erin,  from AirBnB.

Here are the photos of the home we stayed at while in DC. If you’re curious about where and why we stayed in a stranger’s house, stay tuned because I’ll post on that soon!

Laying on the grass in front of the Washington Monument. The weather was perfect.

Shout out to our friends in Iowa & New York. Sorry we were too lazy to go find other states!

Isn’t that a gorgeous running path? It runs alongside the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Jon and I took a sweet moment there just to sit and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

Silly photo shoot while we waited for our table at Founding Farmers.

Let’s just say the photo shoot got a little out of control when Jon simply had to relieve himself.

(Just kidding)

Day One Agenda:

-“Check in” at Chris and Erin’s house!

-Take the bus and walk around the major stops: Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, World War II memorial, White House

-Dinner at a local favorite, Founding Farmers, recommended to us by Yelp and a friendly Starbucks employee

-Dessert at Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe recommended by a Young Life connection.