1) If you haven’t heard of the Newseum, Jon and I both highly recommend going if you’re ever in D.C. It’s a museum that basically chronicles the life of the news and media and it contains artifacts, films, and photography from a range of events and time periods. The picture above of the cabin was the home of the Unibomber and it was flown in specifically for the museum. There is SO MUCH to see that our tickets were actually good the next day as well. My favorite parts were the top FBI investigations (which included such events as the pursuit to find the Unibomber and the crisis in Waco led by David Koresh in 1993)  and viewing the Pulitzer Prize Photographs. Unfortunately, we only got to see half of the museum which took several hours to get through in the first place, thus the extension of the tickets, but we decided to spend the rest of our trip on other worthwhile endeavors. While the Newseum was completely worth the trip, I advise that you prepare yourself for a lengthy stay!

2)We walked over to D.C.’s China Town which was really fun because all the surrounding stores including Urban Outfitters and Starbucks (photographed above) have the name of the store in both English and Chinese characters. We chose to eat at Matchbox which had Yelpers raving about their sliders and pizza. It was a great choice and we’d definitely go back.

3)We walked over to the beautifully constructed Union Station to pick up our car rental. May I please say that Jon and I wanted the most affordable and economical car the place had? We were both excited to simply receive a Focus or Neon since it was our first car rental. So what did we get? A convertible! Needless to say, we thought we might as well enjoy it while we had it and we certainly did! We rode the bus the first day in D.C. and the morning of the second day, but we opted for a car rental since Jon’s work had a discount and because the car gave us access to the charming suburbs surrounding D.C. such as Georgetown, Arlington and Old Town Alexandria.

4)After picking up the rental we drove to George Town for some window shopping, book reading and to enjoy the adorability of the town.

5)Lastly, we ate outdoors at a fun little Mexican hole-in-the wall restaurant called Don Juan’s for dinner. I loved the atmosphere and the Yelp reviews were pretty good but the food wasn’t anything to brag about.