Vietnamese restaurant called Present

Our waitress came over to the US two years ago and was a joy to talk to as she practiced her English with us!

Isn’t that sweet? Jon found a book that captivated his attention…

Wait a minute! He’s simply learning how to behave! What a goose.

I won’t lie. I love this shot.

Admittedly, it was difficult not to type. The urge was strong.

This was up inside the public library. Isn’t it a cool idea? Our friend Glenn, who wrote and performed an original composition for our wedding that we still get compliments on to this day, would dominate this board with his brilliant poetic skills. Take a look at some of his poems here.

PART 1: This is part 1 of 2 of our last day in D.C. I broke it up because we have SO many photographs.

1. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Present that Jon discovered from a list of D.C.’s 100 best restaurants. The most notable part of the meal was their crispy and innovative egg rolls pictured above. Yum.

2. Afterwards we relied on Yelp to find a good dessert and coffee shop. There were several to choose from, but we finally went with Best Buns in Arlington and were so thankful we had because it was located in such an adorable city. After consuming their delicious red velvet cupcake, that was so large I had to use a knife and fork just to eat it, we walked around and took pictures of a couple of local boutiques in the shopping center and we made a stop to the public library as well.

VINTAGED: See anything different about the photographs? I put a vintage effect on our photos (after resizing them of course) using this amazing tutorial. I’ll put a post up soon of the before and after photos and a few tips on using Photoshop. I hope you like the finish of the photos as much as I do. Let me know your thoughts!

{all photographs by the Eclectic Author and the Eclectic Husband!}