It doesn’t get much more charming than this. Old Town Alexandria is a must stop-by in D.C. and it’s by the water. Perfection.

I love how gorgeous this store is.

Old distressed vintage doors as decor? Yes, please.

Dinner at Fish Market. I’m elated in one photo because I’m eating my all-time favorite ice cream flavor: Bailey’s Irish Crem. As good as it was there, I still think Haagan Dazs makes it the best.

I COULDN’T RESIST! I know it’s kind of creepy to take photographs of people you don’t know, but I thought the father holding his son while overlooking the water was so precious and can you really blame me for photographing four adorable kids holding hands and all standing in order from shortest to tallest? I didn’t think so! Admit it, you’d be tempted as well.

Pirate ship? Arghhhh matey!

I leave you with a photograph of my favorite building on the block because of its color pairing, symmetry, architectural details and because I’ve never seen bars on a window done so well.

{all photographs taken and edited by the Eclectic author}