So I’ve decided that I’m going to throw a fun party in celebration of my 26th, but more importantly for the sake of knowing that I can organize (meaning I have friends who help organize me!) and create a fun soiree that people will enjoy. I want to use my creativity in a way that it hasn’t been exercised since our wedding. I’ve never quite had the confidence to throw something like this together, but the encouragement from Jon and some home group friends has been more than enough to fuel my motivation. Moreover, I’m using the gifts my friends possess to add some neat surprises for the party guests! Get excited!

I present to you my first pom-pom. These tissue paper spheres of delight are the easiest decorations to make. ¬†Accomplishing this task was pure joy for me (although a 3-year-old could do it because it’s just that simple) for two reasons: One, I don’t consider myself crafty and two, it brought me one step closer to learning cost efficient methods of decor for the get together. Stay tuned to get a glimpse of what ideas are swirling through my head and literally keeping me up at night because I’m so eager to plan, design, create, organize and partayyyy.

Get the pom-pom tutorial here!