I see hundreds of incredible visuals each week as I’m perusing through the internet so as a result I decided I would start a new column called “eclectic joys” where I’ll be sharing images that are either inspirational, beautiful, artistic, humorous or all of the above. Following my true eclectic nature, you’ll see images from a variety of styles and media because I like a little something from everything! I hope you like it.

What’s a better way to begin than to share a photo of a beautiful wedding gown with intricate details hung in front of an art piece!

A gorgeous pie that looks similar to…

this diy tutorial!

Lace tape! Perfect for adding a little feminine flare to any gift.

A vintage dinner party!

One of my closest friends, Christine, has the most unique and interesting taste. We have completely different styles both artistically and in fashion, but if there’s one common denominator in our relationship, it would be bears.  We refer to one another as “best friend bear” and when we talk about our loved ones we add bear to their names. This die cut of a bear with “hug” printed on its chest and cut out arms to hold flowers and photos simply warms my heart! I love it. Adorable, funny and plain weird. Those adjectives could also be used to describe my relationship with Christine ( we’re both art majors so weird is a common description for us)!

In college I would constantly grab my roommate’s stuffed animal lobster and give it an obnoxiously strong French accent. This image is a wonderful reminder of those days (too bad my husband would say that I haven’t grown up much since then!). Shout out UTDallas!

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What images bring a smile to your face?