I hope to do a semi-regular update of the current events occurring in the Jordans‘ lives using the brilliant app Erin McCabe shared with me called Hipstamatic. It takes your photos and instantly gives your pic a vintage effects along with a nice little Polaroid border. Who could ask for more (from an app at least). You’ve already seen my incredible photo of the State Fair so I didn’t include it, plus I had too many other photos I wanted to use. We aren’t typically this busy, but last week was simply one of “those” weeks so we might look cool for a minute, but don’t be fooled. We’re NOT!


Each photo has been paired specifically because they have something in common –

1 & 2 for instance, are related to Hoosier.

1. Hoosier is wearing a UT jersey that Jon purchased for him a couple of years ago and Hoosier was sporting it around in honor of TX/OU weekend.

2. Hoosier adores soft things, but he doesn’t currently have a dog bed. I could never seem to find a dog bed that I thought would compliment our home until I came across this gorgeous floor pillow from Macy’s.The patterns, bold color, and square shape make it a perfect fit for the Jordan household, however, its price tag simply won’t do. $120? No, thank you!


3 & 4 are double dates with some incredible friends!

3. Sharif and Julie are hands down the coolest doctor plus nurse practitioner couple in the world. I’m serious. Julie and I have been close friends since high school, and she was my maid of honor in our wedding! It was so much fun to catch up with this super busy couple and have dinner at Vickery Park because they’re two of the best conversationalists I know. Thanks for fitting us into your schedule guys!

4. Jon and I have eagerly been awaiting a double date with JK and Laura since we met them just over a year ago. They are big tv show and movie goers and they love trying new things. Basically, it was a double date that was meant to be. After dinner at Hacienda, and a signature latte from Pearl Cup we ended the evening watching Catfish at the Angelika. Ask me about it after you’ve seen it. We have a lot to discuss.


5 & 6  relate to  my wonderful cousins Tami and Lisa and Lisa’s son Chase!

5. Tami, Lisa, and Chase were kind enough to come visit me at school this past Friday. They sat in on a couple of my art classes, which my students naturally adored, and brought me pizza to feast on! Having visitors and lunch at school makes for a great combination. Thanks so much guys!

6. For my birthday Lisa bought me a heating gun from Paper Source to do some embossing on my invitations (you’re the best Lisa!). While there, I saw these painterly reusable grocery bags that I thought deserved a photograph.


7 & 8 are related to our Austin trip this past weekend

7. Kerby Lane is one of my fave stops in Austin. Whether you’re going there at 11am for brunch or 3am for a late night snack, this place will always satisfy and fulfill you.

8. Jon, five friends and I participated in the Austin City Chase which is basically a glorified downtown-wide scavenger hunt. It was a great group of friends and so fun to do something out of the ordinary. More on this later! Wish you were there Vy!


9 is a photo of a pinky promise that deserves to stand alone. It was one of those moments where Jon and I had to hold our pinkies for an awkwardly long time so I could take this photograph, but capturing the visual of the moment is invaluable to me. I’m overly sentimental and really dumb like that.

9. Lastly, I leave you with a photo taken of Jon and me pinky promising to each other that if our kids grow up to hate us one day, we will still have each other no matter what. No, we’re not pregnant, but kids have naturally been a subject of conversation as our list of pregnant and parent friends increases. Hopefully our kids will love us! But you never know. *praying fervently that they love us more than despise us*