One through four are all associated with our road trip to Louisiana this past weekend to visit our good friends, Chad and Mary Arnold and their beloved new baby, Adaline Grace!

1. Meet the Arnold family. They’re learning to enjoy parenthood and God’s sovereignty as they journey through this new adventure in their life. They’re two prayerful, loving, and incredible people and though the first few weeks of Adaline’s life have been more than trying (visit their blog here to read about Adaline’s health trials) Jon and I feel like they’re handling it all in  a graceful and patient fashion. Cheers to this chapter in several of our friends’ lives that Jon and I will hopefully experience….a few years down the road (Lord, willing). Thank you to the friends who allow us to sit alongside them as we learn from their first experience as parents and absorb the wisdom they’re gaining.

2. Jon + Chad = sheer madness. They are a hilarious duo together and they bring out the best in one another. It’s so fun for Mary and me to watch them hang out together. This is my attempt to get a “fun” picture of them, and of course they put their own little spin on it.

3. This is Adaline Grace Arnold with whom Jon and I are quite smitten with. Message to Adaline: We can’t wait to see how you grow, laugh and play! We are praying for you to know the Lord in an intimate way and to enjoy the life you’ve been given. What a blessing it is to know you!

4. Besides the great quality time with the Arnolds, we also got to spend time with Mary’s parents and family from Wisconsin. If anyone is familiar with the new magazine, Anthology, they are releasing their first magazine based on “the slow life”. Spending time in a small Louisiana town inside a beautiful house off of the lake helped me understand what the “slow life” kind of  looked like. Jon and I were completely relaxed and at ease with great company and a brilliant setting. To get to my point, this photo is of a quilt that Mary’s lovely aunt Carol was restoring for a family member. She committed over twenty hours to patching up damaged pieces of fabric in order to preserve this beautiful handmade quilt originally made decades ago. I sat with Carol and enjoyed the peacefulness of watching her quilt. She was very knowledgeable on the topic and would stop to explain quilting vocabulary and techniques to both Mary and Me. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.

5. Here is a sneak peek of our “we’ve moved” postcards that we will be mailing out at the end of this week. I was unsure of what to use for postage because the current postcard stamp is of a polar bear so I took inspiration from the huge vintage trend of multiple stamps and the help of a client to find these awesome stamps from the local post office. Score!

As an elementary art teacher, we occasionally have really cool teacher workshops like an evening at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). In all honestly, my favorite part of the workshop was the catered dinner ( I had two of…um…everything), but it was so neat to be there the evening of “Jazz at the DMA“. The picture in the lower left corner is of our docent showing us a huge piece inspired by the Eiffel tower in the Creative Connection area where you’ll ideally take your kiddies and the other photo is of an interactive touch screen where you can get info on different pieces throughout the museum.

Again, may I please remind you that if you have deceived yourself to think that Jon and I have a cool life, it’s untrue. But we do enjoy traveling, good friends, and free food. If you think that makes us cool then I suppose we are super cool. =) Stay tuned for my hubby’s guest post tomorrow! Should be interesting and fun!