My dad is a precious man. He’s a father that you knew growing up always wanted a daughter and loved having one. His heart softens for me being the only girl and youngest, but he loves my brother, sister-in-law (Thi), Jon and me unconditionally (and of course my mommy!). He is an absolute beast when it comes to tennis and he’s been playing for over 30 years now. Jon and I are in awe of his consistency, steady control and perfect aim on the court. He would have made an incredible tennis coach (if I had listened to him at a much younger age!).  My piano teacher growing up used to tell me that watching your parents age was one of the most difficult experiences you can go through in life and that thought has always stuck in my head especially now as I watch my father ,who used to have tremendous energy on the tennis court, struggle to hit a ball or two.

I love this photo of us. I think it shows my affection for my father well and his smile is priceless!

While playing tennis, there was a guy sitting on a picnic table outside of the court playing his guitar. It was amazing listening to him strum while we were hitting around. Thanks Mr. Guitar Man! What a treat!

Jon getting whooped by my dad. Just kidding. My dad is really impressed with Jon’s tennis game, especially his forehand. Too bad my dad could also tell that we were both a little rusty considering we haven’t played in over three months!

The small street leading to the court near my parent’s home. There’s nothing notable about it, except it reminds me of my childhood and coming to this court to play tennis with my family.