Alright folks, it’s 1am and after experiencing a bit of a creative drought this past week (or four), I think I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been up trying to work on a few projects while I’m up and motivated, thus missing my normal bedtime (12:30am…j/k). Considering the late hour, I’ll be keeping this Hipstamatic (and Instagram) update short and always sweet (sorry they’re totally out of order).

One: Jon and I took a nice walk last Saturday around White Rock Lake. We live so close to the lake, so we’re attempting to take advantage of it. Feel free to hold me accountable to it!

Two: Alli and Mark came over last Friday to eat dinner and watch the Rangers game. Coincidentally both Mark and Alli along with Jon all wore red! Their subconsciouses (not a word, but I’ll use it anyway) must have gotten together and convinced each other to wear red.

Three: Got a dozen cupcakes from the lovely Tart Bakery for no charge. Curious to know how I received them for free? Ask me!

Four: Out for breakfast after church and acting like ourselves (total and complete dorks).

Five: Before leaving for White Rock we cooked a nice stack of whole grain pancakes! Of course I was like “photo op!” and Jon was like “me hungry!” (and Hoosier was like “RUH ROH”).

Six: After dinner and watching a few innings with Mark and Alli, we headed over to the Hamiltons (voted #1 funnest couple in D Magazine) who set up a television in their backyard to watch the rest of the Rangers game! How super fun is that idea? It was a blast enjoying the incredible weather we’ve had in Dallas these past few weeks, snuggling up with a blanket, and watching the Rangers with friends outdoors. Thank you Jordan and Rachel for your endless creativity and zest for life!

And that’s it for now. Have anything fun planned? Anything Halloween related? Jon and I have a busy weekend ahead of us beginning with a trip down to Houston and a fun birthday celebration for Luis and Vy on Saturday, but of course I’ll be sharing pics on that next week. Have a wonderful weekend friends!