Here are seven things that have brought a smile to my face this week:

1. A candid photo of Mr. Jordan teaching! He makes such an adorable teacher.

2. Visiting Jon’s family to watch Jay, Jon’s 16 year old little brother, play trumpet at his high school football game. Hands down, cutest trumpet player there! Oh and most talented as well. =)

3.Jon and I were having one of those car rides home from Houston where we couldn’t stop car singing and dancing! Of course it’s one of my fave things (EVER) so I simply couldn’t resist photographing it (admittedly, slightly posed). It was as if every song was hand picked to get our bodies moving. I praise the Lord for these little moments of pure joy in our marriage.

4. My “secret” snack drawer at school filled with goodies from fellow teacher! It’s only reason #345 why I like Halloween: lots of free candy.

5. Cooking all morning with my mommy. In the photos we’re making turkey and veggie stuffed puff pastries brushed with a little egg on top to give it a nice browning when it cooks. Yum!

6. Jon and I helped our wonderful college friends, Luis and Vy,celebrate their 26th birthday last weekend. Being the creative and super fun people that they are, they had planned to begin the half day birthday celebration with a kickball game, but when it began to rain they decided we’d all make it good’ol wet game of kickball! Vy and I were reluctant at first, (of course Jon was already out in the rain like an adorable little kid) but quickly jumped in and we couldn’t stop laughing at all the hilarious mistakes everyone was making while slipping and sliding everywhere. Vy & Luis – you guys are awesome and our lives are enriched by your spirit to do activities out of the ordinary! More to come on this b-day celebration.

7. Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who were kind enough to communicate to me these past few weeks that you are enjoying the blog. I’ve received two uplifting e-mails from sort of distant friends and a few comments from complete strangers and friends that have encouraged me in my blogging and design work. You have no idea how wonderful it is to receive even a little feedback and to know that you may have been inspired or encouraged or even been made teary-eyed by what I’ve posted (the dad post!). I cherish your thoughtfulness by taking the time to let me know you’ve enjoyed it and I appreciate your support in this side endeavor of mine. I read how bloggers are impacted by their readers all the time, but it’s a neat experience to be on the other side. You guys are great (all five of you!) and I hope you enjoy what The Eclectic Life is now and what it is becoming (online dessert store? j/k).  Thank you again!