Remember that party I hosted back in September? Well I’m finally getting around to posting photos from it. I thought it would be fun to post them in order of what a guest might experience when entering the party. Just for fun, I’ve made that guest overly awkward to make things a little more interesting. Enjoy!

The first thing you would see walking up to the Harpers’ residence is a sign that said “party”  on the front door.  The sign is cute and inviting, but parties aren’t your thing so you decide to go back to your car and drive home in an attempt to avoid any awkward social situations within the party. After you sit in your car for fifteen minutes debating what to do, you mistakenly make eye contact with that friend of a friend who has just arrived. As they’re exiting their car you get out of your car and pretend like you’re approaching the door for the first time with the said friend of friend.  (For the record, it took everything in me not to write “PARTAYYY” on the sign)

After you walk through the door (go you!) you see that Viv has created a name tag station where you stamp your name on a kraft gift tag that sticks to your shirt. You don’t want to participate, but peer pressure will win this one. Sucker. (pictured above is the lovely Bethany, the talented Zack, and the hair model Simo)

Then Viv ( that’s me!!!) comes to greet you with a smile bigger than your face! You don’t want to hang out with her all night because she is a little overbearing, but you’re happy to see a familiar face.

After you get over your social anxieties, talk to Viv and create your name tag, you are greeted by a delightful dessert table in the dining room. You wonder to yourself “how much dessert can I take home without anyone knowing?” and “What are the fluffy things floating above the dessert table?” (They’re pom poms silly friend! And they’re there for decoration).

You quickly realize how hungry you are and head straight for the kitchen where a variety of American dishes, cooked by Vivien’s generous friends, are awaiting you.

While you attempt to eat peacefully by yourself in a corner, Jon, Mike and Jordan decide they want to crash the party by eating all the dessert so you decide….

to get your caricature done by the talented Kyle Steed! You mentally decide you’re having fun and quickly make the decision to…

get your fun on at the photo booth! You say aloud “Booyah! This party is actually semi-fun!”

Inside the photo booth there are chalk board speech bubbles to write fun messages on to include in your picture. After hours (probably minutes) of fun in the photo booth you decide it’s time to head out.  (All photos taken by the rockin’ Amanda Steed)

You look for Jon and Viv to say goodbye and thank Andrew and Anna for hosting the party at their beautiful home! As you’re driving home you think to yourself “Maybe parties aren’t so bad! Hm….who am I kidding? I’ve met my quota for the year 2010.”

And that’s a walk through my party through the lens of an interesting guest’s mind (disclaimer: not a real friend’s experience)! More photos to come, tips for decorating, and how I organized this vintage themed get together. To see more photos visit my flickr here. Hope you liked it!