1) HAVE GUESTS BRING A FLOWER IN A CERTAIN COLOR PALETTE: I asked my guests to forego giving a card or gift to me (since it was my 26th birthday) and instead asked if they would consider bringing a flower  that was either green, white, orange or coral to the party. I got this idea from a friend and loved the thought of my guests making a small contribution to the party that would grow to be a great addition to the decor, not to mention the money it saved me from buying flowers!

2) THRIFT. THRIFT. THRIFT. The theme of my party was vintage chic (although I’m not certain how chic it was) so I wanted it to have a collected look of found pieces that complimented each other, but didn’t match (can we say….eclectic!). Thankfully the weekend before the party Jon’s parents came into town and we made a mini road trip to Canton’s First Mondays! For those who are unfamiliar with First Mondays, it’s basically the most glorious flea market that is held once a month with hundreds of sellers over 100 acres of land! I’m getting a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about it. I was able to get several of the pieces that I displayed on the dessert table from First Mondays including the three tiered vintage plate appetizer server for just $6! 

{I love the photograph of Jon’s little brother, Jay, sitting amongst the crazy looking cowboy mannequins. Let’s just say First Mondays has an excellent variety of products!}

3)TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR FRIENDS’ GIFTS! Not in an ungrateful way, of course! This was a huge life saver for me in order to orchestrate this party within a week and still satisfy a reasonable budget. I have friends who already loved to bake, take photographs, cook or draw so I simply asked if they would contribute their specific gift to my party and they were all more than willing. Check out tomorrow’s post to see who helped, what they did, and how friggin’ awesome they are!

Hope those three tips help and encourage you that throwing a decent party is possible without breaking the bank.