Here’s a thank you list to everyone who contributed to the soiree!

Tepi is one of the most meticulous friends (and one of the most thoughtful!) I have and she has a true talent when it comes to baking so I knew I could trust her completely to create the center piece of my dessert table: a mint colored two layer cake! She completely exceeded my expectations (sadly a very difficult thing to do) by not only making the top layer strawberry and bottom layer amaretto (fave flavors!) but she made a fondant cake toper as a surprise! Isn’t it stunning?

Here’s Alli busy cooking in the kitchen! The lovely ladies from our home group and a couple of other friends  all contributed delicious American dishes to feed all my hungry guests.

Bethany made a delectable set of chocolate raspberry cake balls with vanilla icing. I literally ate five of these a day the rest of the week (maybe I should have looked more closely at that cookie chart)!

I also asked different friends if I could borrow pieces from their homes to help add to the decor  like this vintage fan from Chelsea and Chris Green and a distressed window from Rachey.

Meet the dynamic duo, Kyle and Amanda Steed, who graciously offered their artistic talents to make the party a memorable one! Amanda was the photographer of the photo booth and Kyle drew caricatures (really, I’d prefer to call them original works of art) of the guests. They are a truly gifted couple and checking out their work and websites is a must: click here!

Thanks again to Bethany and to Kristen (who also brought food!) who helped me assemble some of these fun pom poms. Bethany stayed at my apartment until midnight the evening before the party so I’ve unofficially named her Pom Pom Master!

Of course the event would be an impossibility without a GREAT location like Andrew and Anna’s home! We transformed their guest bedroom into our photo booth, their dining room into a desserts gallery, and their house into a party destination. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect location. Thanks friends! (Andrew is also a gifted artist! Check out his work here)

And of course I printed out a few thank you sheets to post around the house to thank everyone who so lovingly contributed! Naturally, this whole get together would not have been possible without the help and constant encouragement of my dear Jonny boy! You’re the best boo!