Hey friends, I can admit that as much as I absolutely love blogging (and I genuinely really, really do) I’ve definitely allowed it to consume my time more than I should. So, I’m taking a blog fast for a week to spend time in God’s Word, dig into a new bible study that started recently in Romans (thanks for starting that Rach!), catch up on design work and just attempt to re-prioritize my responsibilities overall. But thankfully I have a few wonderful friends who will be guest blogging for me all next week to share a few goodies with you (clocks, holiday parties and perhaps a gentleman’s touch to name a few) so please do stop by!

Feel free to keep me accountable on how I use my time. The time I typically put towards the blog I hope to replace with prayer, working on things I’ve neglected (my house for instance!) and scripture. Have you ever fasted from something you were perhaps unhealthily obsessed with? How did the fast change you? How did you grow from it? What are your views on fasting in general?

Thank you in advance to my guest bloggers who will be graciously joining The Eclectic Life for a week! Happy Friday y’all!

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