I’m so thrilled to introduce our first guest post for the week written by the beautiful Elizabeth Marcy! Elizabeth and I know one another from church and I love everything about her from her sophisticated taste to her blunt honesty. She is a brilliant piano teacher, talented cook and a wonderful friend. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I do!

There are many English things that I like. I like English names like Whitman, York and Weathersby. I like English composers like Vaughan Williams and Britten. I like English history about queens and palaces. But above all other likes, I like, nay, adore eating scones and drinking tea English style. Let me tell you why.

For the scones, the best mix I have found is the Sticky Fingers brand.

This brand is all natural, not overly expensive, and is always amazing. Plus, it saves the time and energy necessary spent making scones from scratch.

No scone is complete, however, without clotted cream and jam. Most Americans have never heard of clotted cream. It’s a dairy product imported from England that is only sold at certain grocery stores. If you’re from Dallas, Central Market carries it. It’s thick like butter and oh so heavenly. Typically, you would serve seedless raspberry jam, which is also heavenly, but I have found that a variety of jams work well.
Then there’s the tea. Tea should be black, not green or herbal, and served with cream and sugar. Some may think it’s strange to drink cream and sugar in one’s tea, but that’s usually because one hasn’t tried it. I recommend drinking English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, PG Tips or a fruity black tea such as raspberry or strawberry. Remember that cream added to any citrus tea will curdle.
This is an excellent way to give your holiday company a special treat that is unique and delicious.