This is my most recent invitation design that I finished  for an incredible client who has trusted me to do both her entire wedding suite and her best friend’s bachelorette party invite, featured here. If I had to be honest I would tell you that lately I’ve felt that maybe I don’t have what it takes to pursue this design career that I’m after. There are so many designers out there full of sheer brilliance, creativity, and originality that I’m not 100% positive I possess. But this invite represents to me a step in the right direction toward the creative I aspire to be and hopefully can be.

When I began this project the design literally embodied every characteristic that I thought I was trying so hard to avoid in my work: unoriginal, lacking good design composition, poor color choice and overall dull (trust me, I’m not being harsh! You should see it!). After looking at some of my favorite invitation designers’ work, I was able to derive inspiration from a number of designs to create this bachelorette party invite. Now, I understand that this invite is by no means perfect, but I feel encouraged that my creative process is hopefully being molded into something more sophisticated. Let me know what you think! Feel free to share with me your favorite designers and why you love them so.