Here’s a list of five not so meaningful things that I’m really thankful for! Don’t worry the real list of my thankfulness will be followed by another post!

1) So thankful for! A treasure chest of handmade goodies in one beautiful site. My cousins and I exchange X-mas lists each year, and besides my usual Anthro gift card, I’m exclusively putting down some Etsy goodies.

1A – Custom made yellow flats by Extra Seed via Oh Joy

1B – Blue and gray hair clips by One Wild Orange

1C – Clutch with fabric flower by So Hung Up

2) I kind of hate to admit it but I love Starbuck’s seasonal Caramel Brulee Latte. I’m not a coffee or tea person, so to find a hot drink that I enjoy is a real treat!

3) Boots, boots, boots! I hate the cold weather, but I adore having a reason to wear boots. They’re especially practical and cute when it’s raining outside.

3A, B & C are all from Steven Madden

3D & E are from Aldo

4) I’m thankful for anything vintage (well, not just anything).

4A & C – Dress A & C are from

4B –  Dress B is from Anthropologie

skeleton keys from Ballard Designs via The Most Awesomest Stuff

vintage crate from Oztion

5) This is going to sound dumb, but I’m really thankful for discovering the glory of blogging and especially thankful for these five blogs. They have influenced my  sense of design, inspired my creativity, taught me how to share tidbits about my life and my likes in a balanced way and one blogger in particular has encouraged my love for the Lord by sharing her own struggles, and praises (Danni Hong from Oh, Hello Friend). After following them for six months, I was inspired to begin my own blog and I absolutely love it. Even if I only have ten readers in five years, at least I’ll have the joy of being able to look back and see this semi-virtual diary of what’s occurred in my life and the different seasons both Jon and I have walked through together.