Jon and I absolutely love discovering smaller non-mainstream coffee shops either locally or in cities we’re visiting or traveling through. When in Waco… absolutely need to make a stop at Common Grounds located on the Baylor campus. I don’t remember who first introduced the place to us when Jon and I were in college, but since discovering its deliciousness, we can’t drive through Waco without a coffee run here. This coffee shop is not only decorated perfectly eclectic, (think steel letters, balls of yarn hanging from the ceiling, plush valour couches, bird cages, deer heads, and an incredible outdoor venue for concerts pictured at the top) it also has some of the best coffee Jon and I have ever tasted.

My top three recommendations are

  • Their Snickers frappuccino! It’s TO DIE FOR delicious. They also have other candy flavored fraps that would be worth a sip, but I have to say the Snickers takes the cake.
  • Their Cowboy coffee is their signature coffee drink.
  • Any of the specialty drinks

It’s right off of highway 35 so there’s no excuse not to make a stop next time and try their coffee out. What’s your favorite local coffee shop? What is one coffee shop that I should try? I’m always up for new recommendations to places I haven’t been to yet. {if you’d like to see more photographs of this coffee shop or our Austin trip click here}