The famous hatch from LOST!

Our home group celebrated our 2nd annual gingerbread house competition on Wednesday night and Jon and I went into this year’s contest hoping to do better than last year (let’s just say, it was pretty unanimous to all of our friends and ourselves that our house looked more like a Zamboni than the coffee house we had originally planned it to be). When we discovered that Rachel and Jordan were going to judge the competition, Jon immediately came up with the idea of recreating the hatch from the show LOST because he knew Rach and Jordan were still watching the show (and because Jon and I are unbelievably obsessed with the show as well). I was skeptical of the idea at first, but when Jon suggested we put dirt and grass around the hatch, I was sold. I made the numbers and the title “LOST” out of Twizzler strings and some hot glue while Jon drew the Dharma Initiative symbol and used broccoli to add some needed shrubbery. The entire night was a blast and in the end….


So redeeming after last year’s failed attempt. Thanks so, so much to Becky and Dr. Ross who put a ton of work into organizing the event and what’s even more awesome is that they will take all of the gingerbread houses to a retirement home this upcoming weekend.



Speaking of winning, congratulations to Stephanie from S-Renee Designs who is the winner of the koozie giveaway! I will be contacting you for your info and I hope you enjoy your adorable prize. Thanks again to Erin for hosting the giveaway.