Hey friends! I am so excited to share with you our very first DIY tutorial on The Eclectic Life. A fellow blogger and friend, Heather Shugarman from Then Heather Said, asked me to participate in her blog’s handmade ornament exchange and I was more than delighted to do it, although I have to admit I’m not very crafty. You can see the DIY tutorial I wrote for making the yarn, twine and leaf ornaments on her blog here. Through THS‘ ornament swamp, I received a woman in New Jersey to make ornaments for and I couldn’t, for the longest time, figure out what kind of handmade ornaments I wanted to create. I finally decided that a classic look combined with a mixture of textures, materials and color would help add the flare I wanted for this project. Here are my six ornaments:

I thought my ornaments looked fine, but receiving some random ornaments can be tricky when each home has a different style and look to their holiday decor and tree, so I decided it might be cuter to display these six ornaments in an empty frame. It’s super simple! Here’s how you do it:

1 ) First I tied some twine (any skinny string or baker’s twine will do) to each of my ornaments. I then placed each ornament where I wanted it to hang in the frame.

2) Next, I flipped the frame to its backside. I then pulled the twine as taut as I could and taped the twine to the back of the frame. Cut off any excess twine.

3) Lastly hold it up, make sure you like it, adjust accordingly, and display for a simple way to show off some fun new ornaments! If I had made more time for this, I would have loved to place single ornaments in some smaller frames. Do you have a different and unique way to display an ornament? Definitely let me know if you follow this tutorial. I’d love to see some pictures! Thanks Heather for having me on your blog!

Again, if you’d like the tutorial for how to make these ornaments visit Then Heather Said here.