I’ve already tweeted and facebooked about these precious accessories and now I feel the need to blog about it. I put a few shoe clips on my wish list this year and my sweet cousin Tami (check out her blog here! she’s a talented aspiring writer and loves a good discussion) gifted me with these adorable shoe clips from Sunshine and Carousel’s Etsy shop. Like I mentioned in a previous Etsy Gold post, I love shoe clips because of the affordable versatility they offer for not only your flats and heels, but your boots too! I tried to make them stand out even more by adding some fun bright tights in the mix. Definitely peruse through Sunshine and Carousel’s other items and feel free to show me how you sport your shoe clips.

{  photograph by Jon’s Iphone4  |   Sunshine and Carousel Etsy Shop Banner |  Clothes pin images courtesy of Fuzzimo }