Here are a few Friday photo treats that give me a case of the “smiles.”

I’m sorry. I simply can’t resist. Hoosier is too adorable and too hilariously dramatic looking in this photograph not to post. It had to be done.

Love this photo from our girls’ holiday get together last month. We played this fun version of White Elephant that Rachey taught us and in one round I had four gifts and Callie had none. Ha! (Don’t worry, everybody got one gift by the end of the game.)

Yay TOMS! The gold ones are mine. =)

And I leave you with a photo of Jon and his little brother Jay breaking it down in the middle of Charming Charlies. I love, love, love a good spontaneous dance party. Shoot, I love all dance parties in general!

I hope you have a great weekend with family, friends and impromptu dance sessions!