I can hardly believe it. I won free registration to THE Altitude Design Summit which is the biggest conference for design and lifestyle bloggers in the nation. I’m ecstatic, overjoyed, grateful, but still in utter disbelief. What makes this news kind of insane is that the Alt Summit conference is in Salt Lake City and it starts on Wednesday of NEXT WEEK! I feel desperate, anxious, nervous, and overwhelmed. I have to book a ticket, find a hotel, and figure out the logistics of the trip and I’ve got a week to do it.


With the busyness of planning and the fear of being a “nobody,” I almost want to give up but Jon and a couple of good friends we had over for dinner tonight have encouraged me to persevere through my fears and get excited at the prospects that come with attending a conference like this. I will be a very little blogger in a deep-sea of talented people like Joy, Danni, Jordan and Melanie, but everyone had to start somewhere…right? I love that Jon that is trying to remind me of this and refuses to let me give up because he knows I would regret skipping out on this tremendous opportunity. What would I do without him?

Know anyone who is going? Are you going? I’m looking for a roommate (willing to share a bed or sleep on the floor…I’m a penny pincher!) and if I can’t find one, than AirBnB will be my next choice. If you’re not familiar with AirBnB then check out my blog post about it from our trip to D.C. and this awesome video:

{video via Swiss Miss}