{in Glendora, CA at the famous Donut Man doing what we do best – eating!}

Alright, so Jon and I are officially going to Salt Lake City….together! We are going to make the 20 hour car drive (one way, my friend) to Utah, with a possible stop in Denver to spend the night with some friends and then trek all the way through to Utah the next day.

Yesterday I was a ball of anxiety. By the evening I turned into a nervous wreck, and I couldn’t sleep because my mind was racing with ideas and to do lists. Today, I sought to connect with as many bloggers as I could and will continue to until I arrive at Alt, but today….I was truly excited. I am sitting here writing to you filled with anticipation, ideas and enthusiasm.

Today, I understand how grateful I am for this opportunity.

And trust you me, I know I’m not saving the world. Unfortunately, this isn’t a huge movement towards World Peace, but Alt is a place filled with creative minds, brilliant artists, and fun ordinary people like you and me and I can’t wait to be fueled by the sheer energy of simply being there. Even I don’t make friends (I hope I do), and even if I don’t succeed with everything crossed off on my checklist (because the Lord knows I won’t) at least Jon and I will have another wonderful travel adventure under our belt, at least I won’t have the chance to say “man I wish I had done that” and at least I would know what all the commotion was all about because I went.

Yesterday we weren’t certain if Jon was going to be able to go because of work. When we went to bed last night we both had to be okay with me “going it alone” if his work said no, but internally we were sad at the possibility of not being able to travel together and learn a new city the way we love to do so much. Praise the Lord, Jon got the “okay” to get off work and as soon as we saw each other today you could tell that there was a beautiful sense of anticipation in the air. You need to know that Jon and I: thrive on road trips, love traveling and experiencing new cities together, and feel like we’re kind of pathetic without the other in our life! Plus, we’ll get to snuggle each other at night. Score! Don’t worry, I’ve committed to networking and meeting people and to be bold and not run home to my hubby, but I already feel more confident knowing my biggest fan will be in town with me.

Sorry about all the self-reflections! Have you been thrown a curve ball in life that scared you, but excited you? What do you and your spouse love to do together? Enough about me! Please, your turn!