I spotted this on Urban Scarlet’s blog a while ago, but completely forgot to share it with you until recently. Now introducing Jean and Chika (photo above) who are the owners and designers of R&L Goods . This company has a fantastic, almost border-line unbelievable story of collaboration and creativity which birthed into the awesomeness that is Right and Left Goods. Here’s an excerpt from their about page:

” In 2008, two creative couples merged their funds and lives to purchase a tidy side-by-side duplex in the Scandinavian neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle, Washington. With separate living spaces above, the basement garages were joined to create a shared work space for all! ”

And no surprise, their products are just as cool as their story.  R & L’s mission is to provide practical items (right brain) in gorgeous textiles (left brain) to produce a product you’ll both use and love.

Find R & L Goods here: site | blog | twitter

{all photographs by R & L Goods }