Alright friends! When you see this picture above you’ll know right away that I’ll be discussing some portion of my experience and trip to Alt. Today I’m going to highlight our road trip and our first night in Salt Lake City. First, here are a few images of our gorgeous ride up to Utah.

I know images like this seem kind of unreal, but even while we were driving through it the scenery sometimes felt too picturesque to be real. At one point in our drive we had no idea we were right beside a huge mountain until Jon looked above the clouds and said “woah! there’s a mountain next to us.”

We drove in Wednesday evening and ate at the delicious Copper Onion restaurant. It had great reviews on Yelp, a packed house, and Β the best pasta Carbonara I’ve ever had.

When exploring a new city, Jon and I always love to try a local coffee shop (as you’ve seen here). We ended our evening at the Coffee Garden that had great exposed brick, local artwork, an extensive coffee menu and a communal table in the center of the seating area where Jon and I landed for the evening. I worked on some last minute shenanigans I made to entertain a few of my fave bloggers the next day at Alt while Jon concentrated on his seminary work. Overall the place had a wonderful atmosphere and Jon really liked the coffee as well (I didn’t get one because I was too full from dinner).

Please stay tuned for more details on our trip and feel free to let me know what you’d like me to share with you from the conference (photos, what was worn, the parties, what I learned, good blog etiquette, etc).