So I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was working on a few shenanigans for my fave bloggers, well you’ll get to see exactly what I was up to in today’s post. Sorry it’s a total “me with this person” and “me with that person” picture post, but I was so excited to meet all these wonderful faces that I had to get a photo.

Meet Ashley Meaders, the world’s coolest event planner (aka my favorite event planner). Ashley was one of the warmest people I met at Alt. Her portfolio is extraordinary and I can literally get lost in it because everything is so creative and colorful. My favorite event of hers was Max and Margeux Wanger’s wedding (could that swing be more dreamy!) , but everything she touches turns into event gold.

MY SHENANIGAN: I brought a chalkboard to take photos with Ashley and Joy! Honestly, I hoped it would help them remember me better, plus I had so many ideas whirling through my head since I won the ticket that I wanted to try to bring as many things to fruition as I could. Portable chalkboardย for photos, check!

Danni Hong from Oh, Hello Friend! She is as sweet and approachable as you’d hope for her to be. I loved meeting her and asking her about her newly married life and look forward to doing a double date with her Nick the next time Jon and I are in LA to visit my brother and sister-in-law.

MY SHENANIGAN: If you follow her blog you know she likes doilies so I went the natural route of a doily photograph!

OHHHHHHH JOYYYY! Yes, I was excited to meet her. Yes, I jumped at the chance to shake her hand and take a photo. No, I wasn’t too creepy and weird around her. Yes, I’m lying and I was probably a little weird, BUT it was worth it because after seeing her three days in a row she knew by name. Yippee!

MY SHENANIGAN: The chalkboard again. The gold polka dots on the tissue pom-pom in the corner was an added touch because Joy loves polka dots.

Melanie Blodgett from You Are My Fave. Mel e-mailed me back and forth before the conference and really put to rest a lot of my anxieties. She is great at e-mailing if you ever have a question or comment to share.

MY SHENANIGAN: I mean, go to her site and you’ll know in five seconds how much Melanie likes bunting. This was the project I was working on at the coffee shop the evening before. Jon and I were exhausted and wanting to leave the coffee shop earlier, but I had simply had to finish this little craft project and I’d say it was well worth it. Mel even asked to keep the bunting. Hooray!

{ Lisa from With Style & Grace, Danni, me, and Kathleen from Twig & Thistle }

I was basically looking for Kathleen from Twig and Thistle a good portion of the conference, but didn’t know what she looked like exactly. I put my stuff down at a random table for the closing keynote speaker and went to the restroom and when I got back I found myself seated next to Mrs. Twig & Thistle herself! I was SO excited! Kathleen was a great conversationalist and as good of a designer as she is, she is very humble about her work. In this picture we’re waiting in line to be the first 50 people to win a Kate Spade goodie bag and to meet….

THE GIRLS WITH GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! (plus their friend Promise who had the most voluptuous hair a girl could ever wish for) For those early readers of TEL (i.e. Jon, Kristen & parents) you may have remembered a post on The GWG Show where I drooled over every frock they modeled in their stop motion video. Well, I would’ve never guessed that I’d have to opportunity to meet them 8 months later! And I have to tell you that very similar to every other blogger I’ve introduced today, they were so joyful, warm, fun and genuine. I didn’t get a chance to meet Brooke until right before the party the GWG was hosting and she spoke with intentionality, good eye contact and greeted you with a huge smile. How can you not like someone like that?

So that sums up the blogger biggies I met at the conference. Stay tuned for more Alt goodness and expect a couple of other posts that don’t relate to the conference, promise!

{a big thanks goes to my conference buddy Lisa from My Little Buffalo who was amazing enough to take most of these photos for me!}