Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of dancing to be had at Alt (my mind has a few ideas for next year!) but luckily there was plenty of partying! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

top photo = Joy + Lisa + me

bottom photo = Melanie + DanniKathleen + me

{that striped top I’m wearing was borrowed from Erin’s awesome wardrobe}

Party and photo booth hosted by The Girls With Glasses Show and Kate Spade. Photographs by Angela and Ithyle. To view more pictures from this incredibly fun photo booth click here.

{top photograph from Alt’s Flickr and all other photos by the Eclectic Author}

{ photo via Alt’s Flickr}

And here’s a glimpse into the party hosted by HGTV. Don’t you want some of that chocolate fondue right about now? Me too!

NOTABLE HIGHLIGHTS: A few friends and I got to the Kate Spade party an hour early and were asked by The Girls With Glasses if we could come in to help them blow up balloons and finish setting up. I’m a total type-B personality and dislike getting most places on time, moreover early, but that totally made the evening worth it! It was so fun to get to see the party setup before anyone else could. It was like getting in on a big secret that no one else knows about. And of course there was plenty of delicious free food to be had by all: cupcakes, mac and cheese, big pretzels, cocktails, and Cricut cartridges (okay, so there was free stuff besides the food). Yay for an evening of amazing soirees! Want more nitty-gritty details? Shoot me an e-mail at hello@vivjordan.com. I would be very happy to answer any questions you might have!