As I grow older I understand a little more about my personality here and there. I think a good amount of my friends consider me to be spontaneous, but when it comes down to a fun decision or a practical decision, I initially tend to lean towards the practical.

Jon and I purposely took a route from Salt Lake City to go through Denver in order to see our friends Chad and Mary Arnold and Grant and Desiree Kinser. Before arriving at the Arnold’s house for a late lunch and hang out time with their darling first child Adaline (beautiful name, isn’t it?), I set strict guidelines that we were going to spend no more than two hours in Denver and then continue on our road trip towards Dallas. Jon on the other hand was dreaming aloud of how awesome it would be to stay the night in Denver and how we could just drive 12 + hour on Sunday to get home. I wouldn’t have it!  But then we arrived and were with our close friends, three of whom were all in our wedding party and I realized very quickly that….

relationships are so much more valuable than a few extra hours of sleep.

{ by Table 4 Photography | Chad & Jon attempting to look cool }

I was slowly being persuaded by the minute. It didn’t help that before our designated time to leave all four of our friends began pleading with us to stay. They all belong to the same church plant in Denver called Refuge and asked us to come to service with them that night and then head over to see Grant and Desi’s new house afterwards and have dinner. I answered with a “uhhhhh….well…I dunno….” After Grant sang us a song about staying and everyone’s excitement level had risen by a good 25% I decided,

1) It would be worth staying and

2)I seriously need to learn how to be more spontaneous especially when it involves spending time with people who matter.

{by Table 4 }

So we stayed and we loved every bit of the time we had in Denver. We laughed a lot, we made fun of each other, we shared our praises and struggles, and we reminisced about our time at Sky Ranch, a Christian camp in East Texas, where we all met and became friends nearly 7 years ago! I’m praying to have a more spontaneous heart when it comes to intentionality and meaningful time with loved ones because it will always be more valuable than a little more rest. Feel free to hold me accountable to this!

Do you ever feel like your life lacks spontaneity? Or are you a naturally spontaneous person? I’d love to hear impromptu adventures you’ve been on and why you were thankful for them afterwards (or regretful)!