I am so thrilled to add the amazing shop, Benign Objects, to my list of Etsy Gold favorites. Rachel Wiles is the brilliant creative behind these designs and she is a designer with whom I deeply admire both artistically and personally. These Valentine creations are so well designed and check this out, they’re all printable for an affordable price from the Benign Objects shop. In all seriousness, I’ve never known printables to look quite this good. Rachel is also well known for her foliage tags and handkerchief invitations (unbelievable, I know!).

In addition to being a talented designer she also lends herself to be a very approachable person and I’ve been fortunate enough to befriend her over blogging and e-mails (yes, you can be friends via the internet! Magical isn’t it?). If you send her an e-mail just to say “hi” or “you rock” then you won’t regret it and if you want to see more of Rachel I suggest you try one or all of the following links:

Etsy Shop | Blog | Benign Objects Site | Twitter | Tour of  Rachel’s Home Office!

{all images by Benign Objects}