{naturally my address here is changed for both comical and personal reasons}

First of all, Happy Valentine’s day all you lovely people. At the very least I hope your day is filled with candy, hugs and whatever it is you consider to be a treat for the day (mine would be a Sprinkle’s cupcake!).

Now, I know it may appear that I am dazed and confused, but I have been meaning to post our Christmas cards, but time seems to continue to get away from me. Do you mind if I share these on V-day even though we’re way past X-mas? I hoped you’d say yes! Well here they are. After I saw that Ellie from Mint had just posted her New Year’s cards I thought I might as well share mine as well. Last year I was so on the ball designing and printing our cards in time to mail and pass out at work, but I just couldn’t get it together this past holiday. Do you ever feel like that? I actually made the design over Thanksgiving break but didn’t finalize it until a week before X-mas and to make matters slightly worse  I paid for two-day shipping on my print job and ended up receiving another family’s cards in the mail. Ha! Just my luck. Oh well! They still got sent out and that’s all that really matters.

I decided I’d incorporate some of my favorite things in the design: fun tri-colored typography, tape, twine and a tag. Jon and I enjoy receiving X-mas cards with an update so we always include one in our card. If people don’t read them, that’s fine! And if they decide to, that’s pretty dandy as well. I sent them in kraft envelopes from Paper-Papers (thanks Lauren!), printed the addresses, and sealed each envelope with a piece of washi tape. What do you think? Feedback?

What Christmas card caught your eye this past season? What made it stand out from the rest? I’d love to get some fun ideas for this year’s card if you’ve got any to share.

Enjoy your love day friends! Here’s wishing hugs and kisses and late X-mas cards to each of you.

{photos & designs by the Eclectic Author}