Here are a few pics recapping my week:

A wonderful dinner cooked by my oh-so-awesome husband, Jon. We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s, but Jon thought he would take the opportunity to make it a fun low-key date at home. He e-mailed me glimpses of the menu he created for our evening and sent me specific instructions to follow. It was really fun to receive his e-mails and I was giggling the whole time I was reading them. The dinner consisted of some of my favorite dishes: raspberry jam on brie baked in a crescent roll for an appetizer (most commonly served at showers), a delicious pasta carbonara, and to top it off a yummy in my tummy tiramisu from Whole Foods. Great job love! I don’t deserve you, but I’m very thankful I have you.

My cousin Tami gifted us a lovely package of mini assorted cupcakes for Valentine’s day. You’re the sweetest Tami!

My new blog friend from Alt , Brandi from Not Your Average Ordinary, mailed out this sweet note with an encouraging message.  Brandi, thank you so much. I did feel pretty that day! Definitely check out Brandi’s blog to understand her full awesomeness!

This was actually from a couple of weeks ago, but my talented friend Amy called to see if she could trade me flowers for a favor. She’s a gifted florist at Branching Out Designs so of course I said yes! Cotton in any arrangement pretty much makes me happy.

Alright guys, it’s been a crazy few weeks for me so I am so-ooo ready to relax, design some, and sleeeeeeeep this weekend! What are you up to? Any interesting plans? I hope you have a wonderful Friday and an equally good or better weekend. Peace out!