Loving these photographs by Kasia Bobula peeking into the behind the scenes at Elie Saab’s fashion show in Paris. I can’t help but feel privy to the world of fashion through these pictures. Imagine the chaos, attention to detail, excitement and thrill of the entire experience that goes on behind the scenes. Don’t get me started on the emotions everyone might be experiencing, whether beat down or filled with adrenaline because as an over analytical person I can ponder these things all day. Instead, I’ll just look at it as a crazy fun experience that I may never get to see first hand.

I can’t get enough of the gorgeous detailing on these gowns. The fabric is so sophisticated and the colors are extraordinary. Not to mention, the models are clearly amazons in height (I know they’re rocking heels, but still)! To see Elie Saab’s gorgeous creations in full, check out Style.Com. To see more of Kasia Bobula’s photography work visit her blog or her flickr. Bobula has some interesting photos of Lady Gaga if you’re curious.