A couple of weeks ago Dallas received some crazy weather which resulted in record amounts of snow and ice.  As teachers, Jon and I are always having to watch the weather during times like this to see whether or not our school will be closed. Having grown up in Dallas my entire life I had never seen anything like this storm which resulted in missing school for four days! Can you believe it? We had school Monday and then the rest of the week was cancelled. I’m still kind of in disbelief over it.

So how do you attempt to survive a snowpocolypse without getting cabin fever? Simple! Here’s our go to guide for an enjoyable unexpected staycation:

1) Go out for a photo shoot and play in the winter wonderland (or grow out your mustache like Jon is trying to do in the above photos. I won’t tell you what most of our friends say he looks like when his mustache is only half way grown like this, but it’s pretty funny!)

2) Catch up on sleep. We’re all sleep deprived and nothing is more wonderful than waking up without an alarm clock and taking a cat nap in the middle of the day (as exemplified by Mr. Hoosier).

3) Watch a good drama or TV show. Our show of choice this snow break? The Walking Dead! Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how good this show is! It’s well written and full of stress-inducing suspense.

4) Work a little and play a lot!

5) Whip up a batch of homemade cookies just to enjoy the dough.

6) And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the view out your very own window because it won’t last for long – if you’re in Texas that is.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-guide to surviving a snow storm and stay tuned for the food portion of this post coming tomorrow!