Besides having excellent company (Jon & Hoosier), we survived the four snow days with some good food.

Our French Press is practically a member of our family.

After 25 years of never really eating breakfast, I’ve come to highly value the morning meal and made sure I had a  different and decent breakfast each morning: oatmeal, cereal (Fiber One Honey Clusters & Oatmeal Squares are my favorite), a whole wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese or a sandwich thin with peanut butter and oatmeal.

And of course we had to make some guilty pleasures! What’s better than a warm bowl of corn chowder (by Pioneer Woman!) and some cheesy biscuits on a cold winter’s day?

We had a little contest to see who could make a better shape with their cookie. Jon made the donut and I made the heart. His donut turned into a normal slightly deformed cookie so I won (as usual). This chocolate chip cookie recipe is by Savory Sweet Life and we would highly recommend it. The recipe calls for sea salt so eating the cookie is the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Lastly, our real indulgence for the week was making Savory Sweet Life’s coconut chicken tenders. They’re delicious and we served it with the honey marmalade sauce recommended by Alice as well as this honey mustard recipe with a side of seasoned sweet potato fries from Central Market.

Have any good recipes to share? Any go to recipes that you love? Which ones do you cook on indulgent days? Which ones do you cook on healthier days? I’m always looking for good recipes to change-up the cooking rolodex!