Oh BCBG, don’t worry, I have not forgotten thee. When I first begin to piece together how beautiful fashion could be as a sophomore in college, it was the magnificence of BCBG (and still is) that first caught my eye. Before then, I was utterly confused about what to wear and how to piece together an outfit (ask my high school friends and they will surely tell you), but after a year’s subscription of Instyle mag and observing some fashionable friends, I began to understand the components of good style, more importantly, define what my style was. I’m not claiming that I instantly understand how to be well dressed, rather, I came to an understanding of why fashion done well, could be utterly irresistible. Attractive. Alluring.

BCBG’s dramatic take on fashion was, admittedly, my first fashionable love. When discovering it, I discovered well-tailored clothing, sophisticated fabric, intricate details and trying on a dress made me want to dance like it was 1999 (or maybe I’d opt to go with 1989 to avoid that whole Y2K anxiety). What’s even cooler is that BCBG stands for “Bon Chic Bon Genre” which in French means “good style, good attitude.” Don’t you love that?

Cheers to a bon chic bon genre Monday!

{all photos from BCBG’s website}