If you’re a blogger, you’ve undoubtedly seen photographer Anna Wolf’s photos. Her work for various labels such as Steven Alan, Quiksilver and Fossil are nothing short of astounding and her slew of fashion editorial photographs is sheer brilliance, but I wanted to take a moment highlight the beauty she’s captured above.

Each photograph captures a beautiful emotion that really intrigues me. True, it may not be a genuine emotion (or it very well could be), but regardless these pictures make me happy. They make me want to smile unabashedly and then take a moment to absorb my surroundings. The last photo even motivates me to pick up a wild flower and smell it just for the heck of it (I’ll pretend like my allergies don’t exist for five seconds). All that to say, a good photographer can solicit a response from its viewers by capturing an emotion in a single shot and I think Anna Wolf accomplishes that perfectly.

What do you look for in a photograph? What captures your attention? Emotion? What draws you in or pushes you away?