A year ago, one of my most precious friends, Kristen, turned twenty-five. Besides her gift with words, obsession for food, and a faith and love for the Lord that I am in complete admiration of, Kristen is also a fashion savvy young lady and we love striking up a good convo over cardigans, shirt dresses, pencil skirts, espadrilles etc. Last year we had a low-key evening for Kristen’s birthday with dinner out and then back to Kristen’s apartment where I decided to create an activity for the eight of us.

We made a look book for Kristen!

Not that Kristen needed one because she’s so cute and put together all the time, but each girl made a page to contribute to her look book of pieces that reminded us of her and had a reflection of each of us in it as well. Here’s what we produced:

Here’s the cover I made for Kristen’s Look Book (there is a “k” but I cut it off) and

a happy birthday page of course (with a couple of inside jokes)!

Laura made the cutest page entitled “For that occasion when…” after a conversation over how we have all these pretty little things sitting in our closet that never get worn because we don’t have the right events to wear to them to….but we buy them anyway =). Do you ever have this problem (please say “yes”).

Rachel, Kristen’s roommate, isn’t too into the fashion scene so she opted to create a page of things she often sees Kristen eat. Hilarious and awesome all at the same time.

Elizabeth and Kristen used to walk together so she made a page of inside jokes and ways to stay active and healthy OR eat these delicious chocolate cookies on the back! Love it!

Rachel and Katie decided to join forces to create a fantastic page, “To Where On Your Arm” where they pasted the most handsome prospects Kristen may be able to wear some day since she is a gorgeous single girl!

Meredith is a complete fashionista and a master at assembling a complete and perfect outfit. She put together a series of outfits with accessories, shoes and make up to boot!

I made a page as well of pieces that reminded me of Kristen’s sophisticated and classy style with the flexibility to try bold patterns and colors.

And Kristen’s college roommate of four years, Alissa, made the most hilarious page of all. What not to wear! Love her silly captions.

We each worked on our page flipping through various magazines, cutting and gluing for a good hour a half while we laughed and talked about this and that. After everyone was finished we each presented our page. It was so much fun to listen to everyone’s thought process and see their creativity! This year, Kristen and her mom (who is in town from Ohio) are cooking dinner for everyone at Meredith’s house and we’re all dressing cute (yay! An occasion to wear cute stuff) for a lovely girls’ dinner party! Since it’s this weekend, I just thought it was a fitting time to share this fun look book party we had together and of course I can’t wait for the fun we’ll have this Saturday as well! Happy 26th birthday sweet friend! Can’t wait to celebrate you!

Have any fun party ideas you organized for your friends? If you created a look book page for yourself, what would it be entitled? Happy weekend you guys! TGIF!!!