Are you a big fashion blog follower? Love the Satorialist and/or Cupcakes and Cashmere? Well then you more than likely know about the following trendy ladies, but if not, I hope you enjoy discovering their blog and their impeccable taste for fashion (make sure you have some adequate time on your hands before venturing over to these sites!).

The Glamourai

Sidewalk Ready (in Barcelona here)

Heart Charlie

Can hardly get enough of Closet Visit

This Time Tomorrow

Little Tin Soldier

We naturally have to have an eclectic mix in this round up: Little Girl Big Closet

No fashion post is complete without the inventor of 30 for 30: ย Kendi Everyday

9 to 5 Chic

The Daybook

Side note – I’ve been in love with fake glasses since high school. Just ask my friends. My vision is too good to have real ones so I’ve owned a pair of vanity glasses since I was 17. Shh…we also made Jon get a pair, but it’s the lowest possible prescription! He seriously has eagle eyes, but he seriously looks adorable in a pair of black rimmed frames.

Now, I know I’m predictable which is why you’re seeing common elements throughout these winterish fashion photos: blazers, stripes, cardigans, layers, belts, tights, patterns and of course plenty of dresses. But I’m always hearing that fashion should be intuitive so I think these characteristics I’ve listed are my go to fashion elements and I’ll always love and feel more confident when I’m in them. What elements are you most drawn to in fashion? What trends do you think you’ll never get around to adopt (in all honestly I’m pretty winter-challenged when it comes to clothing so sweaters have never been my “thing”).